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Dizzying Swing in Cyrodiil and BG

I seem to have a lot more success spamming the skill without weaving light attack.

On a dummy, I get around the same DPS, maybe 5%-10% increase when I weave with 100% perfect weave each skill. (this is spamming only Dizzying Skill, NOT a full rotation)

But without weaving, both on a dummy and real player, I'm nearly perfectly 1 swing per 1 second.

That's trolling level in BG when the first one stuns you, by the time you break free that's 2 swings, often 3. Without pocket healer or thicc self shield, yer ded.

my combo is the tried n true Dizzying x2 then Reverse Strike. Which is now easier coz I don't worry about light attack. When new player panicked and forgot to block, it seems to be very effective.
Edited by Davadin on May 30, 2019 2:25PM
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