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Pve//trial guild Dark Exalt is recruiting!!!

We are a fun, laid back guild that’s been around a little over 5 months. We are looking for active players to join our vet CORE trial runs! We also have normal trial grps, raffles, no dues, a BAND, other guild events, and will also help members farm gear they need to help them be better in trials or just in general pve!

We run about 4-5 times a week, half vet and half norm, with most trials starting between 8-8:30 pm eastern. And it is not required to join every single trial.

We have simple rules, with one of the biggest being to be friendly and respectful to others. And the GM and officers will always be available to help solve any issues you have!

There’s so much more to say but if you have any questions then feel free to message me or post a reply!

Thanks for the interest and hope to see you in our ranks!
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  • hvydeath
    Sgt Boots12
  • pat_thetic
    Need to make room but once I do, GT Pat Thetic
  • OngoingAgony
    Can I get an inv ?
  • OngoingAgony
    Ongoing Agony
  • Belthor_Moonblood
    If you're still recruiting I'd like to join. GT: OneSickGT26
  • ololoatata
    Soul Shriven
    Hi) if you have a slot for healer inv me, gt: ololoatata
  • KloudKotuzai
    Can I get an invite? Looking for a guild that is willing to do vet dungeons.
    Name is: Kloud Kotuzai
    Same Gamertag
  • FixedBlade123
    Do you have a guild trader yet? I have lots to sell. I also prefer PvE. Especially dungeons (public and 4-person), world bosses, delves, and just running across the landscape fighting what stands in the way. I'm a grand master crafter if anyone needs any help and I have a cool home (Ebonheart Chateau) filled with crafting stations, fighting dummies, and other cool stuff. Send me an invite to FixedBlade123. Thanks.
  • Iforgot2shave
    If you are taking new members I would like to join. I'm interested in Normal (and sometime Vet) trials and dungeons. My GT is: Kameokim Thanks
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