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Are they ever going to bring back dawnwood Indrik?

I didn’t understand the event and didn’t realize that you get maxed out with tickets at 12. Do they bring back the event every year? I hope so 😢 lol
  • SomeDogsAreCops
    It's possible that at the very end of the Indrick events they may sell all the berries again for a limited time but there is no word on that
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  • Danikat
    The indrik events started in October 2018, so they've not been running for a full year yet and we don't know if they'll repeat, or if they will be exactly the same or somehow different.

    ZOS have not said anything about it yet. They haven't said the events won't repeat, or that the indrik won't be available again, but they haven't said they will either. Personally I'll be very surprised if they never bring the indriks back. They're popular mounts and it's an effective way of getting players who would otherwise ignore events to join in. But I don't get a say in it.
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