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Addon help

Soul Shriven
I have ESO installed on a separate internal hard-drive but don't see a folder in the game files labeled "live." As a result, I am having an issue loading addons with minion and need some help. Why wouldn't I have a "live" folder in that hard-drive? Is it possible the client installed the game on a different drive without me catching it? Is there a way to trace the game path through the installer or some other method? I have manually looked and don't see any other Elder scrolls folders. I'm just left scratching my head. Twitch client can install mods, but I can't get minion to work. Minion seems to have a wider selection of what i would like, hence why i'm trying to either use that or just manually install.
  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    the addons are typically in the 'my documents' directory on windows, if that helps.
  • Baertram
    Check this help post how to find and install addons:

    In addition:
    Try to search for the filename UserSettings.txt or AddonSettings.txt on your harddrives. In the director's subfoilder "AddOns" your addons should be placed in order to work.
    -> You need to have logged in at least 1 time so these files were created!
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