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Stuck in the Wailing Prison

My level 13 Sorc. was following the main quest-line and ended up in the Wailing prison. I cannot interact with the sentinel to destroy it. All I can do is fight mobs. How do I finish the quest, please?
  • Greywolf46
    For added information: I attempted to abandon the quest but when I highlighted the quest in the journal the option to abandon it at the bottom of the screen disappeared.
  • Nestor
    Can you open your map and see another zone to port to?
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  • fioskal
    Are you sneaking up to the sentinel to destroy it? You have to be crouching.
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  • Greywolf46
    I went back into the game and approached the sentinel and tried to attack it with my destruction staff. It would not touch the sentinel. Out of frustration I tried "mages fury IV"; and to my utter shock that spell hit it and destroyed it. I am now out of the wailing prison. Sorry folks, I guess that was a noob mistake.
  • SirAndy
    I once had a character stuck in the Wailing Prison because she had somehow lost the quest and without an active quest, you can't leave.
    Could not port out of there either, travel to player did not work and the character had no discovered wayshrines to port to.

    I had to contact support and they moved the character to her alliance starting zone ...
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  • UntilValhalla13
    Yeah, the sentinel is just there to teach you how to stealth. Any ranged attack will kill it from the top of the stairs.
  • Metafae
    I get it, I had trouble making contact with the sentinel even when I was in stealth.

    I'm glad you managed to escape, run free and loot all!
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