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Transmute Crystals from Event

Soul Shriven
So the crystals you get from the event boxes, where do they go if you have 200/200 of them already? Do they just dissappear? I just realized this, and I've been getting so many of them this event, but I've also had 200/200 the time. I didn't think about it at first because I assumed they were in their normal containers, so they would just be stuck in your inventory. But they are not. Unless I'm missing something (which I might have), I've lost probably around 70 crystals at this point...
  • Zacuel
    I keep accidentally losing my crystals too.

    This event is all about breaking looting habits
  • Katastrophia
    I wondered the same thing. It’s not like they form a geode in your inventory.
  • Anony_Mouse
    It would be so good if there was no limit to Transmute Crystals. Or if they would go in the crafting bag or something.

  • desndb
    Just another arbitrary number that ZOS tossed at us, probably no real reason. Much like the event tickets; 12 is a very low/bad number (it's not like we can trade them, or sell them). I get that they do not want us stockpiling, but 12?
  • Ashtaris
    Once you get 200/200 crystals, anymore you take from the containers goes to oblivion and just lost. Really, a poor design on ZOS’s part but you just have to be observant. The hard part for me sometimes is trying to decide what I need to transmute to make room for more crystals.
  • Sega4life
    What or how do you use these crystals? Lol I am new to these crystals and haven’t gotten a chance to look into it.
  • Sega4life
    I hope this helps if anyone is confused.
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