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Can't login

I'm having a problem logging in right now. Keeps saying can't connect to playstation network. Anything I can do to correct this?
  • iamkeebler
    I’ve got reports from a big chunk of my guild saying the same thing.
  • iamkeebler
    I should add they’ve restarted their ps4s and have tried both the EU and NA server
  • jerseyjay19
    Ya I did the same thing. Thanks for letting me know :)
  • mr_wazzabi
    Same issue. Psn is fine. This is a zos problem
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  • Dragonaut420
    Yep as always it's a ZOS incompetence problem they cant even fix the latency issues with the PS4 version or login problems with the steam pc version either, and that why i'll never be resubbing to ESO plus again ever until they fix the lag problems on PS4.
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  • armeegrun
  • Rittings
    Third maintenance of the week - after a 10 hour maintenance earlier in the week?? I think this might be the issue at hand. But we've been feeding back the latency issues for quite some time now... tech debt is catching up with them.
  • ZOS_Bill
    On April the 18th there were login issues for players on both PS4 megaservers. These issues should now be resolved.
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