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left click causes juddering of camera, but right click is fine

Soul Shriven
Hi all,
just downloaded the game again from playing a few months ago and I'm having the same problem as last time. when i do a light attack and move the mouse at the same time the camera judders instead of being smooth. its definitely not the mouse as i have tried multiple other mouses and the trackpad. not only this, the weird thing is, if i change my mouse button to have right click as the attack, its totally fine and light attacks are smooth. i don't know if this makes sense as its quite hard to explain and i can't find anything about it online.

has anyone had any problems like this and have a solution as i really want to play and its making it really hard.

thank you very much
  • ZOS_Bill
    The camera judder may be related to how your mouse sensitivity is set. You can try changing look sensitivity by following the steps below:
    1. Open the Settings Menu [Esc].
    2. Under the Controls panel, click on Camera.
    3. Modify the rotation speed for the First and Third Person.

    Removing add-ons may also help with the judder you're getting with the left click.
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