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Can anyone help me with VMA last boss?

Hey guys, I am doing my first run of VMA on the Xbox. I got up to the last boss, but I just can’t seem to beat it. My biggest problem, even up to the last boss, are the ceremonial guards.

With their fire breath, I am finding myself spamming my shield or heal just to stay alive not getting the chance to actually damage it or running out of Magicka.

The boss seems simple enough, but that guard is killing me in the first part, or after the platform when I need to drop down to clear my stacks.

Basically, any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated. I am a magplar, with 400 CP. I am running Skoria, 5 piece spell strat, 5 piece mother’s sorrow.


Best Answers

  • norrisnick
    Rune, ritual, circle-strafe with sweeps.
  • aleksandr_ESO
    Yes. Run around him quickly when he spews fire. As soon as I understood this, I passed the boss at the second attempt. Before that there were 30-40 wipes.
  • Aralon
    Thanks for all the replies, I really do appreciate it. I tried again last night, it did help but I just couldn’t pump out the numbers as well. I am really bad at weaving in LA.
  • idk
    Do not stress about weaving if that is fouling you up. Right now you are working on the mechanics. Weaving is not necessary for clearing that.

    Keep up the effort and you will get it. All of us that have cleared vMA have been in your place when they started. Even those that top the leaderboards.
  • Aralon
    Wow that’s a detailed response! I will try everything when I am next on.

    I am having a very odd issue on the Xbox, when I am doing circles around those guards the game won’t use abilities such as my shield or sweeps. The button is being registered as being pressed (the border around the ability shows that it was pressed) but nothing happens. Killed me a few times now!!
  • fred4
    Having enough damage to nuke them down before they do significant damage to you is one way of dealing with anything in vMA. With your build and 400 CP, you should have that.

    That said, I am a PvPer and I tend to go a little tankier, because magplar is in a pretty good spot and still does enough damage when you do. I wear Pirate Skeleton instead of Skoria and I transmuted my rings to Protective. Not specifically for vMA - it's my PvP setup - but it works in vMA.

    I use Spell Strategist too, but Amber Plasm instead of Mother's Sorrow. The latter should be fine - more damage than Amber - but Amber sustains better and allows for more dodge rolls.

    If you get backed into blocking and spamming Honor the Dead, you're pretty much screwed on magplar in general. It's the same in PvP. Because you're not damaging the guard, you'll just run out of magicka and die. The short answer is, don't do that. Face tank him with Sweeps.

    I presume you're running a typical magplar setup with destro (lightning) front bar and 1-hand + shield back bar? I dislike that setup. Instead I run a resto back bar, no Extended Ritual, and I make sure to get as much healing over time as possible:

    Front bar, Spell Strategist lightning staff: Sweeps, Inner Light, Elemental Drain, Radiant Glory, Elemental Blockade, Crescent Sweep or Dawnbreaker of Smiting or destro ult

    Back bar, vMA resto (or any resto): Blazing Spear, Honor the Dead, Mutagen, Channelled Focus, Race Against Time, Light's Champion

    You can get Major Sorcery from a potion or just stick with tri-pots in this setup. The guards get trickier when there are more adds around or there are knockbacks from the boss. One approach is to withhold your ulti for the guards and either pop the resto ult while you kill them or the destro ult to help do so. Furthermore the arena is designed so that, if you pick up all the golden ghosts, you tend to have a Spectral Explosion ready when the guards spawn. That also works.

    Finally, SPEED HELPS. Speed makes vMA significantly easier and this round is no exception. It allows you to dash around, picking up the golden ghosts while juggling the boss and adds and you may even temporarily outrange the guards, if you stack enough speed or if you have some dodge rolls in you (Amber Plasm). You don't really want to run from the guards, but sometimes you want to reposition for a ghost or to kill a Necromancer at the same time. On my magplar I use the Steed mundus and Race Against Time with Protective jewelry. On some other characters I use Swift jewelry (at least purple).

    The Steed mundus along with Citrus Fillet also gives me about 1.1K health regen. I don't really get backed into spamming Honor the Dead with my build, especially not in PvE where the Sweeps heal is substantial and supplemented by health regen, Mutagen and a restore health enchant on the front bar. When I do cast Honor, I typically block cast it, which adds the Psijic bubble into the mix.

    P.S.: I do think weaving light attacks is important for your damage and to proc enchants.

    P.P.S.: Ranged builds tend to be easier in vMA and Crushing Shock is great to interrupt Taking Aim enemies and the healers. Also the boss when he goes into his fast mode ranged attack spam. Furthermore, having a hard CC (Flame / Shock Reach?) interrupts the necromancers from rezzing the Bone Colossus, as will Dawnbreaker of Smiting, which can be a good ulti, even on magplar, for that reason. I tend to use Sweeps instead of Crushing Shock, though, for the obvious heal / AOE benefits.
    PC EU (EP): Magicka NB (main), Stamina DK, Stamina Sorcerer, Magicka Warden, Magicka Templar, Stamina Templar (currently PvE tank)
    PC EU (AD): Stamina NB, doesn't know what she's doing yet
    PC NA (EP): Magicka NB
  • rov33rek
    Soul Shriven
    @Aaralon when they start breathing fire run around them. You can dodge 90% of the damage this way. The only thing you have to watch out for when doing it are clanfears with their AOE. They tend to stack with dreadnoughts and when you run around dreadnoughts to avoid fire you may get killed by clanfear's tailsweep. When you see this AOE (big red circle around clanfear) just get out of it while still circling dreadnought and you will be fine :)
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