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Dragons in ESO clarification?

  • RealWhiteGuar
    I had never heard of a dragon going to live on Red Mountain

    Ahbiilok is mentioned in the Atlas of Dragons. Here's a quote:
    Known to Live
    Ahbiilok - Sightings dating back to the early years of the Dragonguard throughout the northern Jerralls. Multiple attempts to kill him have failed. He is believed to be lairing somewhere in Morrowind.

    Mirmulnir - Last sighted in the Reach in 2E 212.

    Nahfahlaar - Repeated alliances with mortal protectors which have prevented his elimination. His last known protector was the King Casimir II of Wayrest, which the Dragonguard successfully ended in 2E 369. He escaped and current location is unknown.

    Now where would an ideal place for a dragon to lair down in Morrowind be, do you think? I think Red Mountain is the obvious choice.
    (In fact in my tabletop game, Ahbiilok has surrendered his will to Dagoth Ur and will be a Corprus dragon, set to guard Dagoth Ur's citadel. The fight's gonna be lit.)
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  • Shakenmoon23167
    A classification?...
    Can we all say together, Gods....
    Physical damage, as like from ax, sword...ain't happening...Dragon Scale Armor...impenatrable...
    Can only truely be oblertrated by magic, the kind, which only a dragon born can wield.
    Where's the Lore Master? Is he/she aware of this folly?
    Dragons will swallow up Tamriel and all of the demi god's wanna be's, in a micro second.
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  • Shakenmoon23167
    The Dragon War
    At this time, the dragons under Alduin had claimed dominion over all Mundus, and presided over man in Atmora and then Tamriel.[19] The Nords worship them as gods and build many temples dedicated to them.[20] Dragon Priests, servants of their dragon overlords, become increasingly tyrannical, eventually causing men to rebel. Thousands of men die until a few dragons join their fight, when the tide turns in their favor. Alduin is banished and the Dragon Priests are overthrown. The remaining dragons are scattered,[21] their population decimated.[22]
  • Ysbriel
    Im excited for the new chapter and all the awesome features but cant help but to be a bit bothered by the way dragons are being implemented. Im thinking I might be mistaken but with this chapter are we suddenly getting a dragon invastion on the same scale as skyrim?

    I thought it was established in lore that there were so few dragons around at this point in history, that they are already thought to be extinct.

    Is there any lore clarification out there yet that explains why the upcoming chapter is contradicting the devs statement from several years ago saying there will be no dragons in the time that eso takes place?

    Im just curious as a big elder scrolls lore nerd

    Paartunax was alive during the events of Skyrim, there was a hidden dragon as well in Blackreach and this upcoming dragons were locked away. Think of it like when biologists find species that where though to be long extinct.
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