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Frostvault and Depths of Malatar quests

Soul Shriven
Under Collections | Dungeon DLC, I got 2 quests:
Depths of Malatar: The Guiding Light
Frostvault: Lock and Keystone

They are both listed as "Quest Accepted", but they are not in my quest log, so I got no idea what to do with those.
Any hints?

I have already completed both dungeons incl. the quests in there.
  • Vuron
    Quest accepted simply means that you accepted it at some point even if you've already completed them.

    All DLC's have an intro quest that works the same way.

  • Painstormx
    Soul Shriven
    Ah ok, thank you.
    So I guess I can just click the "Unlock Permanently" button for both quests (whatever that does).
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