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Unable to renew ESO+

Hello, my ESO+ has just expired and for some reason I'm unable to renew it. I've tried on multiple browsers but when going to confirmation all I see is this with no other option:

I used to buy ESO+ regularly with a credit card through the ESO website but have recently linked a steam account to my ESO account. I was able to purchase ESO+ fine last month without any issues and I also tried to purchase ESO+ on Steam just now because the website isn't working and it takes me to this part and I can't select anything else:

I just want to renew my ESO+..
  • mrfrontman
    Seems I was able to somehow renew my subscription, however, I haven't been charged through steam OR my credit card and it says it's going to take it on the 15th of April... which means I've received a free month somehow? Definitely confirmed because I now have my craft bag unlocked again, can dye costumes BUT I have not received the monthly crowns... I am so confused right now! Going to have to submit a ticket.

    EDIT: Looks like it did in fact take a payment from my Steam wallet.. This is not what I wanted. I actually had to cancel my subscription through Steam, renew it and add a payment method. I added my credit card but it still persisted to take money from my Steam wallet. ZoS you need to start contacting Steam and make payments between ESO's official website and Steam a lot less confusing because I had no idea what was going on. Seems there are plenty others who have gone through the same thing after doing a quick Google search.
    Edited by mrfrontman on March 15, 2019 8:51AM
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