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PSA: Dulgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter and other addons broken by today's patch - fix

Until the addons are updated, you can either use Minion to install the Medic addon, or comment out a few lines in one of the lua files for Lazy Writ Creator - refer to the comments on the ESOUI.com site for that addon. Note that using Medic also fixes issues with Writworthy not working.
Originally Posted by Rokton

I made a very crude fix to make the addon work. I changed so that the doesCharHaveSkill function always returns true. I have no idea what consequences this could have, so use it at your own risk. I have used it for my 8 characters with maxed processions and it seems to be working fine as a temporary fix.

Only use this if you have maxed crafting skill on the characters you are going to do writs on.

Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\DolgubonsLazyWritCreator and find WritCreator.lua.
Open it with a text editor like Notepad++ and go to line 546 (or local function doesCharHaveSkill if your editor doesn't have a line counter).
Comment out (put -- infront of each line) everything in the function other than the "return true" statement. The comments should be on line 548, 550, 551, 553, 555, 565 and 557.
It should now look like this:

local function doesCharHaveSkill(patternIndex,materialIndex,abilityIndex)

--local requirement = select(10,GetSmithingPatternMaterialItemInfo( patternIndex, materialIndex))

--local _,skillIndex = GetCraftingSkillLineIndices(GetCraftingInteractionType())
--local skillLevel = GetSkillAbilityUpgradeInfo(SKILL_TYPE_TRADESKILL ,skillIndex,abilityIndex )

--if skillLevel>=requirement then
return true
-- return false

If you don't understand what was changed, then I would recommended you to wait for an official fix.
Edited by Pyr0xyrecuprotite on March 12, 2019 1:43AM
  • lientier
    it is updated :)
    PC-EU @lientier
  • Pyr0xyrecuprotite
    As of the evening of Monday, March 11, the following addons (broken by the latest ZoS update) had new versions released by the addon authors (available on ESOUI.com or via Minion):
    • Dulgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
    • Craftstore (may require you to delete saved variables first before reinstalling the addon)
    • Daily Alchemy
    • USPF (Skill Point Finder)
    • Superstar

    Not updated, but use the Medic (UI Fixes) addon to see if that helps:
    • Writworthy (this works with Medic)
    • Inventory insight
    • Raetia info hub

    Note: if the addon you use is giving UI errors and has not been updated yet (including any not on the list above), you may need to include the Medic addon in the .txt file for your addon, as well as installing the Medic addon, as per this thread: https://esoui.com/forums/showpost.php?p=37348&postcount=16
    If an addon is not working and shows a ZO_Skill.... error including this line with addoncompatibility then
    download the adddon "Medic UI fixes" AND edit the txt file of the addon not working and add/change if it already exists the line here:
    ##DependsOn: Medic
    If the line already exists then just add Medic at the end like this
    ##DependsOn: Addon1 Addon2 Medic
    This assures that Medic gets loaded BEFORE this addon and should fix the function code
    Edited by Pyr0xyrecuprotite on March 12, 2019 3:24PM
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