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Deconstruction from bank...

Soul Shriven
Is there any way to get an item(s) undeconstructed? Common sense would dictate that my items in the bank would be safe from my post-dungeon deconstruction spree. Third week playing the game, and there are so many things that have me scratching my head raw.
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    You can lock any armor from decon. Right click and select the option, not really sure how to do it on the consoles.

    Talking about common sense, I hate that term by the way, when I first started crafting, way back in 2015, I used to take all mats out of the bank. Thinking I hand to have all them on my person to use them. Was a revelation when I was told I didn't need to do that and huge QoL improvement.
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