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Looking for advice on the next quest/story line to play through

Soul Shriven
I just started playing ESO about 2 months ago, and loving it so far. I've completed the main quest, Morrowind, and Orsinium quest lines (Orsinium was awesome). I'm an ESO Plus member, so I have access to everything that comes with that. I play solo primarily, and mostly for the exploration and story. Any advice on what to tackle next along that vein?
  • Ilsabet
    Clockwork City would be the natural continuation of the Morrowind storyline. You might also consider doing Cadwell's Silver and Gold to experience the other two alliances if you haven't done so already.
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  • EpicRekkoning
    Orsinium has been my favorite and I'm not sure if there's another one as good as Orsinium. I'm not sure if main quest means Caldwell's silver and gold too, but that's an option. Since there's double drops with the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, you could capitalize on that. I also liked Murkmire and Summerset.

    Murkmire, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood are shorter quest lines than the two DLCs you've completed. If you do the Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood, I recommend going 3 piece night terror, 5 piece Night silence, and whatever otherset you want to boost your max stam. If you can make swift jewelry, do that on the Night Silence set (all 3 pieces) and run rapids. It makes sneaking a lot faster and more enjoyable in my opinion.
  • FrancisCrawford
    If you haven't done any of the main regional quest lines yet, I strongly recommend the Daggerfall Covenant.
    • Stros M'Kai is quick and fun.
    • Betnikh is one of the weak parts, but it's not terrible, and it's the only other Orc zone currently in the game.
    • The quest line in Daggerfall in Glenumbra starting with the barking dog is quick and good. It also gives a skill point outside of the 3 skill points per zone standard.
    • The first other skill point quest chain in Glenumbra is quick but meh -- one of the weak points of the DC. But you can skip it with little loss to continuity.
    • The second skill point quest chain in Glenumbra is long but excellent. It's where you "first" meet one of the central NPCs to the game, Darien Gautier.
    • The third skill point quest chain in Glenumbra is good and fairly short. It's where you first meet Darien's friend Gabriele Benele, and eventually Angof, who's one of the better villains in the game.
    • The first skill point quest chain in Stormhaven -- the Alcaire Castle one -- is brilliant. It's goes on a little too long, but it's basically great.
    • The second and third in Stormhaven aren't nearly as memorable, but they do involve Bill Nighy voicing the role of King Emeric. It's OK to skip them.
    • Rivenspire is awesome from beginning to end. Not having dealt w/ King Emeric before is only a minor, minor loss. Bonus: Rivenspire is in King Kurog's backstory.

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