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Virtual Trader 2.0 and ESO Auctions. Buying or Selling? Tired of guild trader fees?

Are you tired of dealing with guild traders? With their weekly fees and not even to mention the listing fees! Just to be able to sell your stuff. Virtual Trader 2.0 and ESO Auctions are sister guilds on the BAND app. Between the two BANDS, its your one stop for all your buying and selling needs, with NO DUES OR FEES EVER.

Millions in giveaways for every new 100 members!

Virtual Trader 2.0 is simple, list your items at the price you want to sell at or looking to buy items at a set price. You hold the power, not some trading company with all their fees! Giveaways happen for every 100 new members.

ESO Auctions is a simple auction format. Post your items for a minimum price and watch the bids roll in. Looking for that rare furnishing recipe or like to buy mats in bulk? This is the guild for you. Multi Millions is giveaways for every 100 members! Completely free trader in Elden Root if you wish to use.

To join its simple, download the BAND app on your mobile or PC and search for these bands:
Virtual Trader 2.0
ESO Auctions

Come join all the top buyers, sellers and traders in the game and get that gold!

Simply join the band and it will be approved shortly by admin. If having troubles, post your Band name here for an invite.
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