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Don't join vet dungeons if you are...

  • exiars10
    I always type boss mechanics in veteran dungeons if I get paired with low CP players. Always. Sometimes even type when I get paired with even higher CP players than me (I am CP 754) as there are a lot of players who still think they can avoid some mechanics and then cause wipe. Like last night when I had to type in vCoH II (others were over 800) how to avoid Mezeluth one shots as people just refuse to listen to properly position and caused wipe after wipe.

    If somebody ignores advice, vote kick incoming. If kick fails I just leave and get penalty for it.
    Sting864 wrote: »
    I'd rather everyone worry about what they're doing, not what everybody else does.... Do your job... your job is not telling me what to do... You're not the boss of me...LOL
    Besides Vet. Banished cells is THE WORST....
    Last night I got vBC I. DK tank was CP 10, and two DDs ~110 and ~120. Me as healer.
    DK was constantly using Dragon Leap on every big and mini boss which was huge red flag. He also never blocked and was constantly downed by bosses' heavy atatcks.
    We came to Shadowrend and his tail attacks constantly downed tank. My bad I tolerated that BS so far. I typed that he uses block when boss does heavy or ultimate attack. He typed back that I should heal. Really? Somehow we beat it and came to Rilis.

    Dragon Leap on Rilis, constantly downed by his heavy attacks which are telegraphed from moon and constantly running like headless chicken all over the place so my and DDs AoE constantly missed. I typed in chat what is going on and after 2nd wipe one DD left. Came again new CP ~140, again wipe and tank can't pin boss and no blocking. I initiated vote kick and failed. I left. I queued again after 10 min and I got again that same group, the same three players standing at Rilis and waiting. Instantly left.
    I don't play ESO since 15.06. because Cyrodiil is broken since Summerset (PvE isn't much better, too)...

    Aldmeri Dominion (PC Europe via Steam)

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  • Ender1310
    I'm max. Don't mind carrying or helping, I can damn near solo most of them, with that said I tried my noob healer in that D.C. Mephala dungeon the one that drops the stam veli helm. Zomg. I stuck it out until my eyes closed. I figure if your max you have most of the gear what did I really need? I had fun with the noobs for a while and then I got tired of doing the same thing over. I helped players through content that they never would have gotten through and had fun playing a healer win win.
  • Sevn
    I just want to apologize to the awesome tank that tried to get us through the last(?)boss of Fang lair or scale caller, can't remember which one it was on vet. He tried to explain mechanics once or twice, angrily I might add, but honestly wasn't very clear about them and just seemed oblivious that another couldn't understand what he was saying about jars and purifying bodies and cleansing etc. Note we hadn't wiped until then, but he left after 2 or 3 tries.

    He was quite upset that players hadn't done normal, but here's the thing, doing normal teaches you little to nothing about mechanics. To this day I've cleared WGT on normal at least a dozen times and still don't fully understand the mechanics about the pin and who should grab it and when due to her getting burned down in no time. Same with a lot of those dlc dungeons.

    It's the reason I run vets over normal, because I can solo normals, well quite a few anyway without dealing with any mechanics whatsoever but always pipe up and tell everyone "hey, I haven't done this before" at the very start when running a vet.

    My apologies if this post is out of place, I didn't read other posts and assumed it was a complaint thread about players like me lol
    Edited by Sevn on May 13, 2018 4:40PM
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  • montjie
    cal50 wrote: »
    not cp 160 or higher. Especially if you are dd, people can't carry you all way.
    What do you say when you come across that cp 900 healer that runs around spamming mutagen and ONLY mutagen?
    Or that cp 750 DD with 27k health spamming bow LA and snipe?

    That being said, GF really needs to stop putting low experienced and low cp players in vet DLC dungeons. Thats just a waste of every involved party's time.
  • omarxz11
    Aesthier wrote: »
    They carried me easily.

    Perhaps your back just isn't as strong as it needs to be :smiley:

    For all those who would normally complain in other threads how easy the game is instead of getting naked and doing WB's...

    Might I suggest trying "Carry a Noob" handicap instead?

    They could make a leaderboard of the names that carried the lowest CP toon through the highest level of content.

    seriously people need to stop give this cringe example ( go naked to make it hard ) no *** sherloc that apply in every video game ever exist in universe and not valid point and just stupid , and yes its way easy compare to world of warcraft pve dungeon/raid
  • p00tx
    hydrocynus wrote: »
    badmojo wrote: »
    hydrocynus wrote: »
    ".... not willing to help other people through the dungeon because you are incapable of finishing a dungeon without other people to help you. "

    OP that means you my friend. You are the one that should not be using it.

    Seriously. The people that moan about inexperienced people grouping with them are the same people that have to rely on others to carry them through this content.

    If you want to group with good players then find a guild and play with them. But I bet you have already tried that op haven't you. I bet you tried it and it's probably filled with Elitist snobs that don't want to group with you isn't it?

    I wonder who could be the problem here....

    9 out of 10 groups run smoothly and the dungeon eventually gets cleared, but every 1 in 10 you get people who drag down the group and cause a failure.

    You're saying those 9 out of 10 times I am being carried and we only fail when I end up with group member(s) who cant carry me?

    You are basing this assumption only on forums posts?

    And if it's 1 in 10. Seriously. Why get upset?

    Because we all play this game and paid the same amount for it, and why isn't my time important too? On my own, I can grab the adds and cluster them to burn them down in my AoEs, but some 11K health fake tank knucklehead running in circles with everything aggroed on them means not only do they not do any dmg, but now I don't either because I can't even do a full rotation and instead have to turn in circles killing things one at a time with single target attacks. If you're not a good player, it can be forgiven, but at least have the decency to just let your character die so we can finish killing the mob instead of basically trolling the group. Bad players are not the only ones who deserve consideration.
    Xbox NA

    "She"...I am female, contrary to what the gamer tag or my nasty attitude might suggest.

  • luton0watford4
    I am a tank who likes to pug. A couple of days ago I was doing vet bc1, where I got placed with three others who were friends. At least one of them was doing a vet dungeon for the first time, which he mentioned after I told them that they were doing 16k dps in total between them.

    We kept going, and got to the last boss. I have an add-on which tells me when he is going to do his one shot, so I called out block a few seconds before it was due to fire. One of them accidentally hit hard mode before starting and, bless them, they dropped like flies repeatedly. I tried to raise them, but it was no use. I was chuckling the whole time.

    Eventually we have up hard mode and tried again. Many one shots and standing in the red zone later, we eventually got him down to 50%, where I used my Jesus beam to kill him. My 1.5k dps (I tank as I am a terrible dps) was 20% of the damage.

    We spent over an hour in the dungeon, but it was the funniest time I have had in a dungeon in ages. I made a couple of friends from it too. It's times like these that make the dungeons so worthwhile.
  • TelvanniWizard
    Si hoc imprimis intellegis, nolli dubitare, scribe me ad latine loquendum. Lingua est colenda.

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  • pluckpluck
    I don't even get the why of this post. If you PUG, don't scream against PUG. If you want to do some "hard" content, then get a group to run with instead.

    I never go random for vet content, except with non DLC. If needed I try to help the party, but definitely you can't achieve late content in veteran in random.

    But it's just the basic of MMO, peeps, get a guild, get mates, play with them and evolve with them. If you don't want to do that, stop blaming others that do the exactly same as you, with maybe less experience.

    @Sevn : ahhhh the atronach.. I have to admit this was my first DLC dungeon and I was afraid by that pinion mechanic. Having PU telling you "but you're a vampire tank, it's normal you die" didn't help till I got my actual group with which i'm running for weeks now :)

    You have two possibilities to do that boss. You have enought DPS and you skip the mechanics, so tank gets the pin and aggro the boss while other peeps just destroy it. You don't have enought DPS and so you have to play the mechanics, which means to DPS the boss till he transforms for the big flame. At that point, someone takes the pin and run like a headless chicken to avoid atronach while other spam single target skills at. When pinion opens again, someone else go take it, which allows the first chicken to regen ressources and go on the boss. A good communication between mates is better, because you don't want to get the pinion if your screen turns grey, because it means you should instead close portals.
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