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FPS Problem

  • yacoob
    ...because I've just made a quick run, and I seem to be getting +7-10 fps on average. Stable >30fps in CC, that's a first for me.
  • Vivifier

    I am having an increase in fps also, from 25(summerset) to 40 ( stormhaven ) now i reach 50-60 in many areas. What wasnt tested? Raids/cyro. I might come back to edit the post with results. Current settings as seen in the SCREEN. I had similar fps with 1440p BUT the mac was exhaling alot of heat so I reduced the resolution to 2048x1152 at which point and with the above setting i am getting a low hum that I feel more comfortable with.

    My iMac on windows as i tested it a few days ago has a stable 60+ on bootcamp with all maxed ( sliders and options) BUT again the exhaling ( venting) is insane ( not to mention apfs filesystem is not recognised by the bootcamp so recovery etc etc).

    My conclusion and given the crash is delayed right now to 4-5 h I d think this was a good patch. Force quit is still a thing at times also. More focus Zenimax, dont give up on fixes
  • JJBoomer
    well it seems clear @ZOS_AlexTardif & @ZOS_GinaBruno that what i thought would happen has come to pass.

    Instead of fixing the mac client, you gave us slight improvements and called that good enough and have now seemed to move on, despite the mac client still being broken.

    maybe we need to discuss lifetime refunds?
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