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Am I able to stop using Steam?

Soul Shriven
My account was created when I purchased the game on PS4.

I bought the base game as a Steam key and added it to my account. I then linked my account from the PS4 to Steam. Since then, I've done all my PC purchases through Steam.
I recently decided I wanted to buy a full year of ESO Plus. The issue is that I don't feel that Steam needs to be taking an unnecessary cut of the transaction, nor do I want to play through Steam any longer. I deleted the steam version of the game earlier and I'm now downloading the game through their website.

Do any of you know if this will work? Also, I'm not against repurchasing the expansions if I can't carry those over.

Thanks everyone.
  • Taleof2Cities
    It's not clear which of the above steps you've already done and which steps you are planning to do, @Kierno.

    One thing is clear: If you're planning to unlink your PC account from Steam, you can only do that through an Online Support ticket.

    Unlinking your PC account from Steam still keeps all of your PC progress, expansions, characters, crowns, and collections items. The only difference is that you log in using the regular ESO launcher instead of the Steam launcher.

    For PS4, there is generally only a 7-day window unlink your PS4 account from your ESO account (after linking it). But, it sounds like you don't play much on PS4 ... so not much harm done either way having it linked to Steam.

    Finally, I'm sure you're aware by now ... there are no platform transfers (between PC and PS4) of characters, crowns, or other in-game items.

    Edited by Taleof2Cities on February 12, 2019 2:47AM
  • Kierno
    Soul Shriven
    I greatly appreciate your response. I no longer play on PS4. My account was originally created via the PS4, though. I read about how if the account was created through Steam, this process would be much more difficult. The download should be done in an hour or so. I will open a ticket on removing my account from Steam.

    Thanks again.
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