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School of Squids - We'd like to help new and returning players. [FamilyFriendly; PvX; GER/ENG]

Hello there.

Who are we?  We are a small, family friendly, social guild with the goal to help new and returning players, and provide a safe place for all players alike.

What we offer:

Family friendly environment and dungeoning options. Sometimes toodlers want to "walk" the characters, too - we understand and make time to accommodate. We also have a dedicated voice chat for when the little ones are listening in the background.

Wir sprechen Deutsch und Englisch. And are open for even more lingual diversity!

Be more than just a number - we are small enough that we have the chance to know you as your character and as a player. Lone wolf or social butterfly, we happily welcome you and your quirks.

A safe place to learn game mechanics together in an environment conducive to your unique learning style. We actively try to keep it frustration free!

A temporary space for you to be at until you are ready to join the progression or elite trial guild of your dreams.

Loot All The Things Dungeon Crawls - listen to the story and loot to your heart's delight while going slowly through ESO's content.

Network opportunities with members of large trading, crafting, and advanced trial guilds. We will try to connect you with other guilds when you are ready to leave us!

We have Master Crafters ready to help with sets and furnishing items, and don't mind helping to farm any other items.

The opportunity to help actively develop a guild with your ideas, advice, and criticism. Share what you have learned, try out the ideas other guilds turned down, become a part of something "more". We have room for your creativity.

If this peaked your interest, please contact us through in-game mail (@primordialsquid) or join our discord for more information (

With best wishes,
Edited by PrimordialSquid on January 22, 2019 9:38PM
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    Welcome all new members! There are 25 of us atm and we're looking for more to join our ranks 😺
  • selittle64
    Soul Shriven
    Very interested in your guild. I am a new adult player. I will contact you in game.
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    Alright! My in game name is @Kallixenia
    You can also join our discord and ask for an invite there
  • PrimordialSquid
    We are having next Sunday an open-house "Introduction to Dungeons" event - we would like to help you through one dungeon of your choice - Veteran or Normal. Completion is of course not guaranteed on Vet, but if you ever wanted to see what it is all about, join this adventure with SOS. Non-guild members can join this event after joining our discord channel. Please keep in mind that this event is primarily meant for new(er) or returning players.
    There are a few requirements which need to be met for specific dungeons (DLC purchase, ESO+, level, etc.) but we will explain those once we know where you would like to go.
    Edited by PrimordialSquid on January 28, 2019 5:47PM
  • BlackFlag
    Ahoy Squid! Was looking around the NA/PC guilds and spotted you. Just wanted to say hello and good luck with your guild!
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    We are still recruiting new and returning players.
  • PrimordialSquid
    Great news for interested players: our guild has now access to a guild hall with ALL the craftable sets' crafting stations. Next on the lists: all the dummies for your parses. ;)

    Also, there are now 33 of us! :)
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    We're still accepting new members.
    Guild discord:
  • gamerleehk
    Soul Shriven
    Are you still accepting new member?

    I am a returning player. Leave on 2015, found ESO changed a lot better and just come back for a month to enjoy the new quest , lore and story. Now I am looking for a clan for mainly social. I am Asian and don't know German tho.
  • DwellsInNorthwest
    invite sent, welcome!
    you don't have to speak German to join School of Squids
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