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Do you have wares if the walker has coin? FOREVER TRADING is getting rich in Vivec City and we want you to join us! A friendly and helpful well-established guild, we have all kinds of goodies!

Our focus is making gold and having fun doing it. Not sure how to make gold? Our busy kiosk in Vivec city makes it easy and we're happy to help you learn!

We have PvE and PvP social event as well as weekly auctions and raffles.

Our guild house includes DLC crafting stations, a transmute station, and a growing selection of mundus stones.

Players of all levels and factions are welcome.

We currently have a weekly requirement of 10k contributed to the guild (raffle ticket purchase) OR 150k in sales on the trader.

Our membership fluctuates between 450-500 members; we regularly prune inactives or those not in good standing and recruit new members.

If you have questions about the guild or, better yet, want to join us, contact us by sending an in-game mail to me, @cookswithoutarecipe, or the guild account @forevertrading.

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