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Lakemire Xanmeer Manor, will you buy it?

  • Tasear
    I haven't bought it yet, and I'm not planning to buy it
    Content with houses I have now. I have everything I could dream to acquire...well except coldharbor one.
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  • Vanthras79
    I haven't bought it yet, and I'm not planning to buy it
    The stone nests seem too ... outdated XD. Besides, I am a Telvanni, not some swamp lizard!
    Norion Germain - Telvanni Wizard, Covenant Battle Mage, and Lord of Tel Galen.

  • Thehartclan
    I already bought the Lakemire Xanmeer Manor
    I completely agree with the item cap being a huge deterrent. I also agree the crown prices for these homes is off putting. I had only purchased one crown exclusive home, the snow globe, because the price was fair and the size sufficient for the item cap. All that said I did but this simply because I have a fascination with ancient ruins. It will likely be a long time before I ever start trying to do anything with it though and partially because I’m holding out for an increase in the furniture cap which could easily be done if they update and modernize the ancient engine they use, assuming they may do so for the PS5 release.
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  • Thannazzar
    I haven't bought it yet, and I'm not planning to buy it
    Properties of this size are pointless with the existing cap on decos being insufficient to effectively decorate them.
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