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Yung Roo's is recruiting! - Vet Trials Guild (Updated)

Soul Shriven
Hello all! Yung Roo’s is currently recruiting for our guild!

Roo’s is a progression vet trials guild. We like to get some difficult content done in a constructive environment. We know that progression can be difficult and frustrating, but people yelling at each other certainly doesn’t help matters (aka no toxicity/assholery allowed in our guild). However, we ask that all of our members (both present and future) are able to take constructive criticism and be present for our raids. We do all of our communication and scheduling on the Band app!

Currently, we have openings on our teams. We're ideally looking for some hard-hitting and mechanically-aware DPS, as well as solid tanks. While we currently do not have healing positions on our teams, open runs are available and we are always looking for capable subs! If you’re interested in trying out, please message me the following:
- DPS: character class and dps parse, as well as previous completes. Minimum reqs are 50k+ for mag, 55k+ for stam
- Tanks: class, sets, and previous completes
- Healers: class, sets, and previous completes

If you're close to the DPS requirements but aren't quite there, that's ok! We're willing to help you get there!

Info on our teams:
- Cloudrest progression: M/W @ 9 pm CST – 11 pm CST, Sun @ 6 pm CST – 8 pm CST
- AS +2 progression: F/Sat @ 11 pm CST – 1 am CST
- vMoL HM (DD titles) progression: T/Th @ 9 pm CST – 11 pm CST (*****if you’re interested in this team, extreme familiarity/many completes with vMoL is a must*****)

Serious inquiries only, please. I look forward to hearing from you!
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  • SkoobySnaxx
    My gamertag is skoobysnaxx95 ill be intrested to join a core group. Im currently hitting 55k on my stamblade and 53k on my magblade. please send me a messege
  • ohitsjradd
    Soul Shriven
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