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[Open] Semi-hardcore raiding guild "Straw Hats" is searching new members

Soul Shriven
About Us
"Straw Hats" was created in January 2017. We are a international guild with English as our language for raids.
We are now searching active and reliable people who can play with us, improve and are ready to try and figure out the next trial in Elsweyr.
At the moment our current target is to get vCR+3, but we are ready to teach our new members and start with vCR+0/+1/+2.
So far we completed:
  • vAA HM, vHRC HM, vSO HM
  • vMoL HM
  • vHoF HM
  • vAS+0/+1/+2
  • vCR+0/+1(all)/+2(lightning+ice, fire+ice)

Our raiding days
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 19:00 GMT
You need to be able to come on all raid days.

What we are looking for
backup DD
  • Max CP
  • About 40k+ dps self buffed
  • Ranged magicka class for vCR

Experience needed: All Craglorn trials (HM included), vMoL
Good to have: vMoL HM, vHoF, vAS, vCR

Communication (must have)
  • TS3. This is our communication tool for the raid. We do not expect perfect English, but a basic understanding and the ability to speak in raid.
  • Telegram: Guild chat out of game for fun, discussions and the ability to notify us if you are not ingame, for example if you are running a bit late. We also have a announcement channel for important info like raid lineup, raid reminder, etc.
  • Guild Events Improved add-on. We use this for sign-ups for the raids in-game

If you are interested to join our team you can contact our Guild master or one of our officers in-game or in Telegram (same @name):
@solid_snake7000 - GM
@HuhnDarkKnight - officer
@Sottilde - officer
@SkaZ1 - officer and raid leader
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