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Relative newcomer to ESO

I have spent my time on and off of ESO and I have spent a massive time away. I bought Morrowind and never touched it. I have started to pick it up now after seeing the Elsywer DLC trailer. I also bought summerset really cheap and have that installed. I have plenty of content to keep me going for some time. The issue I have is I like to role play and play socially in this sort of experience and none of my mates have got ESO as they don't like MMOs. I am after a guild that is friendly to newcomers, give me a hand and in return I can in time help them.

It would also be cool to be in party chat on PS4 with groups to have some active conversation while playing, either that or discord. I am old enough (not a kid/teenager) so you don't have to worry about that. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  • LorienofSkyrim
    Hi mate. I run a growing social guild on the PS4 EU server. Were always happy to help new and returning players. If your interested and want to know more let me know:)
  • Malfious1986
    Always happy to have new members in our guild, my psn is Lord_Malfious if you would like an invite.
    Part of the PS4 EU Guild ESO - Expendable Heroes. Check out our Facebook Page! PSN Lord_Malfious
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