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Relative newcomer to ESO

I have spent my time on and off of ESO and I have spent a massive time away. I bought Morrowind and never touched it. I have started to pick it up now after seeing the Elsywer DLC trailer. I also bought summerset really cheap and have that installed. I have plenty of content to keep me going for some time. The issue I have is I like to role play and play socially in this sort of experience and none of my mates have got ESO as they don't like MMOs. I am after a guild that is friendly to newcomers, give me a hand and in return I can in time help them.

It would also be cool to be in party chat on PS4 with groups to have some active conversation while playing, either that or discord. I am old enough (not a kid/teenager) so you don't have to worry about that. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
  • LorienofSkyrim
    Hi mate. I run a growing social guild on the PS4 EU server. Were always happy to help new and returning players. If your interested and want to know more let me know:)
  • Malfious1986
    Always happy to have new members in our guild, my psn is Lord_Malfious if you would like an invite.
    Part of the PS4 EU Guild ESO - Expendable Heroes. Check out our Facebook Page! PSN Lord_Malfious
  • s2ben29
    Hey bro,

    give me a shout if you still need a guild. The future echos needs more active ppl to help build us up. Only been running a couple of weeks.

    Everyone is welcome. Give me a shout on PSN stuben21.


  • sheenajpowell
    Why not join Starlight Council? We have a big range of active players, and we use party chat for our pvp/battlegrounds and pledge groups. Whisper Ylilith or angelfishhappy in game for an invite. We don’t charge fees, so if you don’t feel it’s the guild for you, you haven’t lost anything.
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