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Need help with my account about crowns!!

Soul Shriven
So I purchased quite a few crowns a year ago (+175,000 crowns), I logged on after a while after being over seas and I find out I have only 270 crowns left. I contacted ESO support through the ticket system, but to no surprise did not get any help. Anyone have any ideas on what to do in this situation?
  • BlondyIronBlood
    Normally, I don't find the ticket system that faulty, when did you submit it? Maybe it's a delicate case and it takes them a hella long time to figure it out?
    Also, on your account, is anything bought that you do not know of?
    My goal in this game is to get Contraband Violet, what a sick colour
  • Blauskittle
    Soul Shriven
    I have been talking to the support staff since January 16, 2019. I keep getting turned away without any answers, the last ticket that the support team responded to was that their records do not go back that far to see if the crowns were used, so they can not help me recover them. So far I have what I left with when I stopped playing. So honestly I do not know whats happening on their end.
  • Donny_Vito
    the last ticket that the support team responded to was that their records do not go back that far to see if the crowns were used

    That is complete BS.

  • Taleof2Cities
    Don't you have purchase records for yourself, @Blauskittle? Such as a past credit card statement where crown purchases were made?

    My credit card statements go back to 2012 ... if you have even a somewhat competent credit card servicer you should be able to request those records and show ZOS proof.

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  • Anumaril
    I noticed you said you logged on after living overseas. I'm not sure if it could be this simple, but things from the Crown Store (potentially including crowns) are bound to the specific mega server you are playing in.
    If you bought those crowns while playing on the NA server and then log on to the EU server you may find nothing there since everything would have been bought on the NA server, so you might want to quickly log on to both mega servers and check your crown balance to see if it is there in any capacity.
    If this is not the solution then I would recommend looking at your bank statements (which should go back for a very long time), or if you used PayPal then check your statements on their website. I don't see how ZOS could deny refunding you or giving you the crowns again if you have concrete evidence of the purchase.
    Edited by Anumaril on January 25, 2019 4:40PM
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