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Your Favorite Tribunal

  • Hurbster
    Bilbo Baggins
    I think they foreshadowed Almalexia's fate quite well in both the DLC and base game, especially if you question her...
  • notimetocare
    Bilbo Baggins
    My favorite part of the Tribunal is right before Oblivion
  • Neoealth
    Vivec- The Warrior Poet (The Glowing Floating Hippy)
    Vivec because out of the 3 he achieved CHIM

    And he has a spear for a *** and had babies with molag bal.
  • Paazhahdrimaak
    Sortha Sil- Father of Mysteries (Father of Loose Screws)
    Didn't Sotha Sil arrange/negotiate the Original Coldharbour Compact? Between several Daedric princes?
    Thats a huge thing for the people of Nirn. The other tribunals only tend to their followers. (Normally)
    He is the most interesting, one I felt I related to. He see the larger picture, this I appreciate. And the quest for knowledge I believe personally should be everyone's highest priority.
    If this man existed, you'd see me with mechanical limbs and and silken robe devoting my life to someone of his amplitude.

    Although I have a character named "Hand of Almalexia" lol
    Edited by Paazhahdrimaak on February 1, 2019 5:42PM
  • Cundu_Ertur
    Bilbo Baggins
    Taking stealth away from the Bosmer is like taking magic away from the Altmer, making Nords allergic to mead, or making Orcs pretty.
  • Hysorn
    The tribunal are the false gods you n'wah. their betrayal of Indoril Nerevar will be their undoing! May Azura be praised!
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