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BC2 Sisters -- Can't see the shield

Dungeon: Banished Cells 2
Boss: Sister Vera and Sister Sihna, a pair of harvesters
Problem: When I watch videos of this fight, the shield (blue sphere) on one of the sisters is unmistakable; it is visually as clear as can be. But when I am in the game, whether I'm fighting or just standing back looking, I cannot see any shield on either sister at any time no matter what. What is going on?
  • El_Borracho
    Just a guess, but have you changed your color settings? Lots of players, including myself, have made some colors more vivid or changed them altogether. For example, changing the red enemy AoE to bright purple or pink.

    I seem to recall the sphere you are talking about appear as a blue circle around their feet (I'm on PS4) but its been a while since I did BC2. Either way, if you have the combat text on, you will see whether or not you are doing damage.
  • leeux
    I think it's a bug introduced recently with some of the optimizations made in some patches ago, that makes effects in fight randomly missing/not show. Perhaps it's made worse by lag or latency, in some cases.

    For example, I personally had this happen to me in last boss of Spindle 1 (big spider) which uses the spider web to attract you and and then do an AoE effect around her... in my screen, none of the visual effects showed up, not the webs not the red AoE... from my perspective, my char was stunned for no reason and couldn't move and then next moment was dead, with no indication of the attack that hit me, all of this in the span of a few seconds.

    I also seen it happen on the Twins fight, where the negates don't show up in full, nor the marks on the floor for them.

    Also in Twins fight, sometimes the change color effect don't show for you or your team mates, and you can't see what color you're supposed to be (no aura around your head... hadn't had this happen in some time, but I'm not doing MOL that much lately.)

    Probably there are other instances that I've seen that I'm forgetting now :/
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    watch the health bars - the more opaque one has the shield.
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