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Leveling Rank?

question here: My understanding was that one could ONLY level rank in your HOME campaign, of course with this even that is pretty much impossible if it's Vivec. BUT I was in a guest campaign and it appears that my rank level IS going up.

Does anyone know if ZOS has changed the criteria for rank leveling? Is the change JUST for the event, or has their been a permanent change where we can level our ranks irrespective of campaign now?
Or, quite possibly...I have simply gotten my criteria information re: level ing rank................ALL wrong... :*
  • Ekoe1954
    Thank you SO much for the rapid response! All this time... and I thought I was condemned to staying in HOME campaing just to level my ranks..... as I'd been told I had to... but then again... I probably got the info re:leadership board vs. rank leveling mixed up.
    Having done Emp and Grand Overlord, I am now simply wanting to level my ranks on another faction. The Forward camp furniture is looking pretty nice in RED.... B)

    Ty for the info... so happy to have the increased flexibility... :)
    Edited by Ekoe1954 on January 14, 2019 4:56PM
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