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If Necros are a new class what weapons wold they use? No seriously?

  • RebornV3x
    Um just like what every other class uses double destroy staff for mag macers and depending on PvP or PVE will Duel Wield/bow or 2h for stam mancers lol
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    I also play on PC from time to time but I just wanna be left alone on there so sorry.
  • SugaComa
    bardx86 wrote: »
    Seems like none of the current weapons fit a necro very well.

    Restro staff
  • Drachenfier
    bardx86 wrote: »
    Seems like none of the current weapons fit a necro very well.

    I don't care what they use, I haven't been this excited for something ESO related since launch day!
  • Zathras

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  • Blood_again
    The Wabbajack! Huh? Huh?? Didn't see that coming, did you?
  • ezikeo
    We need a scythe.
  • Ragnarock41
    Vapirko wrote: »
    bardx86 wrote: »
    I'm %90 percent sure the stamina variant of the class will be a disease based one with stamina scaling pets and also probably disease type dots,(%10 doubt cause stamblade has some disease damage in its kit, but come on now stamDk didn't stop zos from putting the best poison ability in the game to wardens)

    So with that expectation in mind, I'll be planning to use mine with 2h/dual wield to maximize my damage while taking advantage of disease defile procs. Plus I have this weird feeling I might really enjoy playing a stamina pet spec, due to how easy it is to abuse pets in PvP.

    Great just what we need more F'n pets, lol.

    Wait, you're telling me you didn't expect pets when you heard ''necromancer''?

    Pet sorc Zerg 2.0, now with constant major defile.

    Sounds good to me, tired of asking for new stam morphs. And since they destroyed my toon once, I don't have to worry about getting nerfed or pushed out of meta anymore. As for constant major defile, we already have that and its called stamblade ;)
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  • Bubbastic
    They would throw rotten meatballs
    Edited by Bubbastic on January 11, 2019 3:59PM
    PC EU
  • Michaelkeir
    Staves naturally for mag, duelwield/bow for stam.

    I personally want a coldfire themed staff (already in game used by necromancer npcs) or a dark themed staff similar to the aura of the nightblade skills (also already in game used by npcs).
  • Chrysa1is
    bardx86 wrote: »
    Seems like none of the current weapons fit a necro very well.

    1 handed staff
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  • JumpmanLane
    I wish necromancer would be a skill line like Psijic and not a new class. I ain’t dropping my MagDk lol.
    Witch up, lil' witches!
  • stimpy986b14_ESO
    the same as all the other classes

    Sword&board/ice staff for tanks

    DW/Bow for stam dps

    fire/lightning staff for mag dps

    resto/resto for healer
  • generalmyrick
    Tasear wrote: »
    Mine will have at least a resto staff B)


    resto skill line getting some damage/pet skills?
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  • Savos_Saren
    It would be appropriate if ZOS changed some of the magic to Daedric and Aedric. Perhaps Templars could do Aedric damage and Necromancers could do Daedric damage? Then again... I guess no staves would apply toward those.
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  • Tasear
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  • Zacuel
    Fart jokes.

  • mikemacon
    My guess would be either staves, or bows, one handed or two handed melee weapons.

    But that’s just a guess.
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