Voice chat unavailable

Zomg zos come on. Fix your voice chat servers please. My whole guild is trying to do a trial and none of us have voice chat.
  • ZOS_BillE
    If you are having issues with voice chat being unavailable, please try the troubleshooting steps from the linked articles below.

    If neither of these articles help, please contact customer support for further help.
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  • dotme
    Voice chat is still very unstable on PS4 NA. Last night, entire groups were unable to communicate in Guild, Group or Zone chat. Selecting a channel causes it to disappear from the list. Judging from the complaints in Zone, I'd say many players are being affected.
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  • valeriiya
    LOL this has been reported for well over a year and ZO$ still tells people troubleshoot when the problem is ZO$ related and happens on both consoles
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    ZOS Greatest Hits Collection: "Thanks for the info, everyone. We're investigating." ~ "Thanks for letting us know, we're actively looking into this." ~ "This was caused from an unrelated bug fix in the previous patch." ~ "We don't have a date set for it yet, but it'll be at least a few weeks." ~ "Items team is aware of this and getting a fix in." 1.38 Fixed an issue where four particular chairs in the Shimmerene Waterworks could not be sat on.
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