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If you could have any ESO lore related question answered, what would you ask?

Specifically about lore introduced in ESO, if your question could be answered from the perspective of an ingame npc, what would you ask?

To Divayth Fyr, I would ask him about his set of daedric armor that he dubbed "Telvanni Master Wizard". Why is his daedric armor the shape of armor people of House Telvanni use? What determines the shape that daedric armor takes?

To Vykosa, I would ask her about what exactly is a Sable-men beast as we have little to no lore about those type of werewolves which is more humanoid in form. Is it a its own type of lycanthrophy?
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  • VaranisArano
    To Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "So, how does Altmer society and culture work? Please explain it to this nebarra in great detail and simple terms, like you were a TES 3 Dunmer explaining life on Vvardefell to this n'wah."

    I wish Summerset had deeper worldbuilding for the Altmer.
  • redspecter23
    Why are so many twilight matriarchs allowed to run about in towns and cities unchecked? It sometimes feels there are more daedra in cities than non daedra, especially around crafting tables and writ turnin locations.
    Bal-Busters - PC/NA
  • Eremith
    To Meridia:
    "Don't you see the hero you're talking with is a bloodsucking undead creature?"

    To people of Tamriel:
    "Don't you see this werewolf hanging around in the city?"

    The upcoming question considering upcoming Necrodancer class, to all Redguard people, to Vanus Galerion and all Mages Guild members, to civilized Dunmer people (except Telvanni), to all actually:
    "Do you think that walking dead bodies raised up by this wannabe-Hero-of-Tamriel guy are not the sign of the necromancy?"
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  • Cinbri
    Questions that barely anyone tried to answer or even noticed, that was asked since TES 3:
    1. Can a dead god dream?
    2. Does killing the dream of a dead god cause the dream to end?
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    The question that Lyris ducks right at the start of the game:


    PC EU
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