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If you could have any ESO lore related question answered, what would you ask?

Specifically about lore introduced in ESO, if your question could be answered from the perspective of an ingame npc, what would you ask?

To Divayth Fyr, I would ask him about his set of daedric armor that he dubbed "Telvanni Master Wizard". Why is his daedric armor the shape of armor people of House Telvanni use? What determines the shape that daedric armor takes?

To Vykosa, I would ask her about what exactly is a Sable-men beast as we have little to no lore about those type of werewolves which is more humanoid in form. Is it a its own type of lycanthrophy?
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  • VaranisArano
    To Proxy Queen Alwinarwe: "So, how does Altmer society and culture work? Please explain it to this nebarra in great detail and simple terms, like you were a TES 3 Dunmer explaining life on Vvardefell to this n'wah."

    I wish Summerset had deeper worldbuilding for the Altmer.
  • Ermiq
    To Meridia:
    "Don't you see the hero you're talking with is a bloodsucking undead creature?"

    To people of Tamriel:
    "Don't you see this werewolf hanging around in the city?"

    The upcoming question considering upcoming Necrodancer class, to all Redguard people, to Vanus Galerion and all Mages Guild members, to civilized Dunmer people (except Telvanni), to all actually:
    "Do you think that walking dead bodies raised up by this wannabe-Hero-of-Tamriel guy are not the sign of the necromancy?"
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  • Cinbri
    Questions that barely anyone tried to answer or even noticed, that was asked since TES 3:
    1. Can a dead god dream?
    2. Does killing the dream of a dead god cause the dream to end?
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    The question that Lyris ducks right at the start of the game:


    PC EU
  • Kulvar
    Why are so many twilight matriarchs allowed to run about in towns and cities unchecked? It sometimes feels there are more daedra in cities than non daedra, especially around crafting tables and writ turnin locations.

    Maybe they'll make it outlawed like necromancer skills/minion, and add vampirism stage >1 and werewolf form outlawed too. And make vampirism stage 1 look normal so you can sneak into town for some groceries.
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  • eso_nya
    What happened to the dwemer?
  • Reistr_the_Unbroken
    If Molag has so many vampire “children”, where do they live? 🤔
  • myskyrim26
    So, how long have you been looking for me, exactly? - A question to Stuga!
    But if seriously... I'd ask Laloriaran Dynar about the fate of Ayleids. how so that they totally disappeared? No survivals at all, not a single small community?
  • phermitgb
    I want a solid answer on the Tsaesci (sp?) - are they serpent people?
    and the only acceptable answer is "yes" - any other answer and I'll vehemently deny that they know what they're talking about

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  • Darkhorse1975
    I would straight up ask Chef Donolon if his Charmed Mixing Bowl is a Daedric artifact!
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  • Claudman
    Do Khajiit eat rice?
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  • Nave_Horsespitoon
    I’m not sure how far off this is from ESO timeframe but what happened to, Please forgive the spelling, Ciaus Cosades and when do The Blades show up?
  • Oakenaxe
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  • TelvanniWizard
    Where are all the children and bathrooms?
  • VaranisArano
    I’m not sure how far off this is from ESO timeframe but what happened to, Please forgive the spelling, Ciaus Cosades and when do The Blades show up?

    This may be of interest: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:History

    ESO takes place in the year 582 of the Second Era.

    Morrowind, where you meet Caius Cosades, takes place in the year 427 of the 3rd Era, approx. 800 years later.

    Now, I don't think we ever find out what happened to him after he was suddenly recalled out of Morrowind, so that would be cool to find out!

    The Blades: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Blades

    They kind of exist now in the form of the Dragonguard, and you can meet two of their order in the Imperial City Questline. If you can stand the possibility of PVP, its a pretty cool questline where you help out the Drake of Blades.

    The Blades you may be familiar with from Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim really begin in their present form as servants of the Emperor/Dragonborn under the Dragonborn Tiber Septim. Tiber Septim won't show up for another approx. 300 years after ESO, so we've got a while to wait.
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  • Ajaxandriel
    Specifically about lore introduced in ESO, if your question could be answered from the perspective of an ingame npc, what would you ask?

    Is it likely that the redguards have their own way about what is called the "Dragonknight" path by Tamrielians? that can be Satakal or Sep imitating techniques?

    Also I'd ask more precise/personal questions...
    To Magnifica Falorah / to Lady Cinnabar / or to any redguard qualified about the politics of southern Martelfell:

    What is the name of the current king or queen of Gilane? Any informations about the city, its current state, any feature?

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    Celestras - haut-elfe sorcier 50 ;
    Diluviatar - elfe des mers sorcier 50 ;
    Dorguldun gro-Arash - orque sorcier 50 ;
    Hjarnar - nordique sorcier 50 ;
    Jendaya al-Gilane - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50 ;
    Sabbathnazar Ullikummi - elfe noir chevalier-dragon 50 ;
    Selvaryn Virotès - elfe noire lame noire 50 ;
    Tahajmi - khajiit sorcière 50 ;
    Telernil - haut-elfe templier 50 ;
    Zadzadak - gobelin nécromancien 50 ;
    Zandoga - rougegarde chevalier-dragon 50
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