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What nercomancer stuff would you like to see?

Assumes the rumours are true then what housing items would you like to see?
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  • Keylun
    Raise dead
    Drain resource pools
    Emo magic
  • emilyhyoyeon
    I already have a ''necromancer'' character who has her own house. I think the game already has really good options for necromancer-style furnishings. The Witches Festival and Wolfhunter dungeons brought in a lot of bone items, Dragonbones dungeons brought in some explicitly named necromancer items (stone tables and pillars with inscriptions).

    some specific things I'd like:
    skulls/bones with candles on/around them instead of having to use the DB skull candles;
    pieces of mort flesh instead of having to use chunks of meat;
    pre-arrange bones for summoning areas instead of having to use many item slots to build my own
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  • Jaraal
    Dang, I came to Housing section to get away from necromancer spam, guess I should have known better.
  • redspecter23
    I want them to have so many pets that ZOS can no longer ignore the "pets sitting on top of writ turnin locations" issue.
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  • Zypheran
    I would love if they add a basement that can be placed in any home. Necromancy is a forbidden art and it would make sense that I hide my nefarious inclinations in behind a trap door or a book case with a hidden door.
    Its an easy thing to achieve. You buy an 'item' such as aforementioned trap door or secret book case and place it in your home. It acts as loader for another zone.
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  • Megatto
    All things bones. Just morbid furniture that I can put in my spooky house
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  • Enemoriana
    Skeletons. A lot of skeletons in various poses.

    What I want for my character who likes necromancy - abandoned house with place for rituals. Alinor house, something breton or dunmer can be quite good, but there is too few items for this - I'd like to have some damaged things (crates, furniture...), spoiled food, fleshflies...
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  • ghastley
    I'd imagine the one thing that would be nocromancer-specific is the "work in progress". By that I mean a half-reconstructed skeleton or fleshy, with a few bits not yet installed.
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