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Aetherial Dust A Myth?

  • Wildberryjack
    I've gotten six or so since I started playing about 1.5 years ago. In fact I got one last week. I'm sure it's just a coincidence but every time it's been when I was on a very low level toon. When gathering on my max level toons, which I do most of the time for obvious reasons, I've not gotten one. Odd that.
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  • LadyLavender
    I've gotten 3, no idea when or where. Sometimes I just find one in my crafting bag when I go to craft.
    Never found a cypher though, had to buy that one just so I could have the recipe on my max provisioner.
  • phairdon
    Currently have two in my inventory. Sold a few in the past, as well. Aetheric ciphers on the other hand :#
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  • Feanor
    Since free crown crates and login rewards were introduced I could hardly think of a case where I’d pay for the dust, let alone the Cipher. I’m swimming in XP scrolls.
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    Rawlith Khaj'ra - AD Khajiit stamWarden
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  • Zulera301
    Soul Shriven
    I've gotten 6 of these in my lifetime: 5 from finding them lying around, and one that I bought at a guild auction and flipped the next day (on the same guild no less). it's all luck of the draw.

    Aetheric Cipher is way rarer. that's why they sell for over 3m.
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    #416: Kozue Maziki Zenava: CP964 Bosmer Sorcerer (AD)
    #549: Serosa Zeruda Drakora: CP964 Dunmer Templar (EP)
    #134: Sanaki Calameda Zelgius: CP964 Altmer Nightblade (AD)
    #479: Rozani Marian Znanga: CP964 Redguard Templar (DC)
    #467: Lux Esmeralda Calameda: CP964 Dunmer Nightblade (EP)
    #561: Aeliana Alma Arenius: CP964 Imperial DragonKnight (DC)
    #532: Kada Celica Zaltana: CP964 Altmer Sorcerer (AD)
    #468: Romula Nevari Ogawa: CP964 Breton Sorcerer (DC)
    #123: Xili Nailah Zoraki: CP964 Bosmer Nightblade (AD)
    #531: Arozza Gro-Dazna: CP964 Orc Templar (DC)
    #285: Zefira Raeya Zhan: Lv.28 Bosmer Nightblade (AD)
    #444: Isikiro Sherazi Anazalrok: Lv.22 Redguard DragonKnight (DC)
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