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Velothi Reverie in Clockwork style (WIP - picture heavy)

I am in love with two furnishing styles in ESO - Dwemer and Clockwork. I have been working on a Dwemer styled conversion of the Ald Velothi Harbor House for some time, but due to the exorbitant prices and extreme scarcity of Dwemer styled furniture and plans, the progress is very slow. To take a break, I thought I could try the other style I loved.

As ESO seriously lacks any non-Manor sized house in the Clockwork style, I decided to "clockworkize" one of the Medium houses that I really like - Velothi Reverie - in the meantime. The idea is to create a house heavily modified in Clockwork style.

This project has taken a lot of my gaming time lately, but I am having tons of fun. This is part of the actual engame for me. So far, I must have spent somewhere around 1,000,000 gold on furnishing plans, materials, luxury and achievement furnishings, and some crafted items too. I bought a handful of items with Crowns, but those were generally things unavailable elsewhere, and the Clockwork and New Life Festival furnishing packs. I also bought the Clockwork City DLC Collector's Edition.

I am still working on the backstory of my character living there, Danna Indoril, who is to be a Tamriel-born Clockwork Apostle sent outside the Clockwork City, possibly to conduct some experiments. In addition to being an astronomer, she is a well-trained tailor and leatherworker too.

Here is my plan for the house:

The entry hall will contain the Precursor (I only have one so far), his charging station, and some Clockwork bookcases.

The room with the door to the garden will serve as Danna's indoor workshop, and it will contain a custom clothier station (I am still a bit hesitant to spend 3,500 Crowns on the "official" Clockwork Clothier Station), additional clothier devices and tools, supplies, and another station - one for scavenging useful parts of destroyed Factotums, such as the chest armour used in the Medium Apostle style that Danna is wearing. It is a pity that the Clockwork brass tool case is not available even in Crown Store, so I had to use the wooden one instead.

The other room will serve as the house's utility room, and it will contain some machinery, a large water tank, a fireplace, a bath, Danna's cosmetics station, and perhaps some other things.

The cellar will contain as much Clockwork machinery as I could manage to stuff it with, and also some boxes and barrels in the Clockwork style.

The little indoors balcony will contain a couple of chairs, a tea table, some drinkware and some other items to make it feel a bit cozy.

Danna's bedroom will contain Clockwork furniture, with some additions, such as for the bed.

The other bedroom will be furnished mostly in Dunmer style, to serve as the guest bedroom. To simplify things a bit, the servants have their own accommodation in Deshaan.

The garden will be completely modified, serving mostly as an outdoor astronomical research station. It will contain a statue of Sotha Sil from the furniture pack. I may add some Fabricant plants too, if I manage to find enough room for them.

As always, I plan to make heavy use of the NPC's and pets available to me, namely the Merchant, the Banker, the Precursor target dummy, and the Skeevaton pet.

Please, find some screenshots below, bear in mind, that the house is still quite far from being finished, though. Much of it, including the garden is still more a proof of concept than a finished and fully presentable home, fit for welcoming visitors.I hope you find my Velothi Reverie somewhat interesting regardless. :)

The entry hall:

Danna's Clothier station:

The Factotum wreckage scavenging Station:

The house's machinery room:

Danna's bath:

The main fireplace:

Danna's cosmetics station:

Danna's Bedroom:

The house's mechanized garden:

A custom made astronomical research device:
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  • MythicaLMeddLer
    Where did you get that fire place? Did you make it or is it in game? I have this home as well and have never seen the fire place..would like to add it to my crib.
  • Jaraal
    Where did you get that fire place? Did you make it or is it in game? I have this home as well and have never seen the fire place..would like to add it to my crib.

    Came with the New Life Furnishing Pack.
  • Megatto
    Where did you get that fire place? Did you make it or is it in game? I have this home as well and have never seen the fire place..would like to add it to my crib.

    You can purchase it in the housing store.

    Just go to your house > housing editor (F5) > Browse (R) > go to the purchase tab and look under structures > Building Components.

    It's at the bottom of the list and it costs 750 crowns. A fine price to pay for the best fireplace in the game imo
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  • Zypheran
    It looks excellent. Very consistent and detailed. It would be great if they gave us a home that fits the theme... one that didn't cost €100!!
    I look forward to seeing the finished item. A video tour would be great.
    I'll play the game my way and you play it your way!
  • Watchdog
    I am glad you like it, thank you. :)

    The fireplace was indeed included in the New Life Festival furnishings pack. The fire itself is actually a Cooking station.

    It is going to take me a number of daily writs rounds and some lucky sales at the trader to earn enough to buy more items I have in mind. I am going to have to progress with my questing too, as many nice items are achievement locked.

    I am currently also trying to get enough doable Master writs to get the Unsurpassed Crafter achievement, allowing me to buy some nice golden furnishing plans.

    I found out I was really enjoying fully refurnishing a house. There are many houses in ESO for me to refurnish, as I plan to eventually give each of my characters a unique home. I currently have eleven characters, which means a lot of gold and some Crowns too.

    *daydreams about an ESO+ perk of an unlimited capacity Furnishing Bag and makes very very sad puppy eyes at ZOS*
    Edited by Watchdog on January 12, 2019 3:02PM
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