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ESO looks super cartoony on my new 4k HDR TV...

Hey there. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro.

I recently bought a new TV with 4k and HDR (65") and just returned to ESO today. Before I played on a usual 2k TV without HDR (55").

I was very much looking forward to playing ESO on my new TV but it looks totally off. The 4k resolution is very nice but the colors are off and it looks so cartoony. Is HDR the reason? ESO on my Full HD TV looked quite nice and a lot more realistic (=better) than on my expensive and very high quality 4k HDR TV.

Did someone have the same issue and can tell me what's the problem here?
  • Hostee
    HDR is messed up on this game. Turn it off for the time being.
  • kalimar44
    Hmm, I find it to look fine on my 65" Samsung tv with hdr on. Do other things with hdr look off and did you calibrate your tv?
  • signed8bit
    It is quite a different look. Very over saturated in places, especially lava. They attempted to “fix” it but the result was way too muted. The fix was reverted and I believe the dev team is reevaluating the HDR presentation. I’ve grown to like it overall but it could use some tweaks. I wouldn’t call what I see as cartoony though.
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