Please Share your Vigors/Regens

This is something that seems to be overlooked by the average BG player. I see too many games were people have less than 20k healing (sometimes zero) at the end. I wonder if they have any heal slotted at all, and whatever healing they did do was most likely by accident.

For the more team oriented players, sharing vigors or mutagen/rapid regen is part of their buff rotation and I implore you to add it to your own if you don't already.

The heal might small and not significant by itself, but during an intense, close fought 15min DM you can have 500k healing just from vigor/regen. Add three other players adding it to their buff rotation and you have alot of group healing without having a dedicated healer (having one is just icing).

  • Fur_like_snow
    Vines is nice if you play warden. Fire and forget right before a fight can make a big difference. Magicka DK can run cauterize.
  • Tasear
    Self healing to me always seemed to high especially how it scales with dps.
  • Mojomonkeyman
    Each of my mag warden hots usually provides an average 1k hps BG hps on my targets. So stacking 3 of them correctly (slow vines, trellis and corrupting synergy) provides a steady 3k infights hps to each of them (including me) when taking damage.
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  • Vapirko
    Tasear wrote: »
    Self healing to me always seemed to high especially how it scales with dps.

    How can self healing be too high if 1v1s are very possible? If self healing was too high any 1v1 would be a stalemate. Self healing will get you almost nowhere if you just absorb damage (and similarly expect to be able to dish it out). For it to be effective it requires you to use all other forms of mitigation as well and to build into defense. Even things like vigor dodgeroll become necessary in many situations. I’m not saying that self healing is weak in any way (except maybe for magblades), but it’s also pretty suitable given how much damage can be dished out.
  • Slack
    Delete, nonsense comment after re-reading op
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  • CatchMeTrolling
    Should off heal in general whether you’re stam or magic. This is usually a good indicator of who play’s small group pvp and who doesn’t.
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