[Guide] Defeating Gutstripper

Soul Shriven
Hey all!

This cruel little ******* caused me a ton of problems during beta and it's nice to see they didn't destroy the difficulty as yet again he left me with a big repair bill. It could well be that I'm just awful but in case anyone else is struggling with Gutstripper during the Mage's Guild quests, I've created a video showing a reliable technique to take him down.

Sorry there's no commentary. Having problems with the computer at the moment, seems only Skype is able to register my voice :D

If you'd rather read text guide, you can do so here.
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  • MercyKilling
    I went in at level 8 with a nightblade dual wield/siphon build and tore him apart. All you have to do is not stay in the red area, really. He's a pushover.
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  • MorHawk
    Silver Bolts. Cannot emphasize this enough. Go beat up on Doshia (she's relatively easy as long as you squish those orbs), grab dem bolts, and Gutsy becomes an absolute snoozefest. Even better if you're a DK and have Stonefist. You can literally keep him permanently knocked-down until he dies.
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  • dionysis_gt
    Nice work on that video!

    I was kiting him back and forth between the two side platforms which was substantially more error prone.

    I managed to beat him with a level 5 Templar in beta by kiting him back and forth between the platforms in his lair and healing after I sprinted away from combat, but it wasn't nearly so smooth as your approach.
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  • BigDumbViking
    In Beta I remember him being nearly impossible... but last night I killed him so fast he did one tail whip and one charge before I realized he was at 10% health and just charged in and finished him off. They must have nerfed his damage and HP some...
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  • Rotherhans
    No health potion slotted?
    Rather gutsy, or rather forgetful. ;)

    I also had a very hard time with my barely lvl8 2-hander Templar during beta. He was rather frustrating without a proper long range ability and not much luck on dodging or kiting. Came back at 10 and had a much easier time.

    Looking forward to finding out if he´s indeed nerfed now, which would be a pity.
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  • Abeille
    In Beta I remember him being nearly impossible... but last night I killed him so fast he did one tail whip and one charge before I realized he was at 10% health and just charged in and finished him off. They must have nerfed his damage and HP some...

    They did. And Doshia too. I believe that the changes were implemented on the last beta.
    A shame, really. I liked the quest better when it was actually a challenge.

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  • scholar666
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  • SirAndy
    Now that's a blast from the past!

    Challenging quest bosses, what a novel idea that was, too bad it got cut from the game ...
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