[PC-EU] looking for casual guild. - Professions Master

I am looking for a new guild or guilds to join which do not have a donation or minimum sales requirement. Guild needs to be socially active, but also does the occasional random/pledge etc etc.

I am a Max level in all professions, and also almost maximum in traits for all materials.

In game name @sandco Send me an in game message/invite/etc.

Professions Master. Original Beta Tester.
PC/EU. Crafting needs send me a message @sandco
  • malicia
    Hi Sandco,
    I've invited you to our casual guild, Guild of Adventure. We're pretty active, but we don't have a trader nor do we plan to get one. Take a look and see if you like the guild. :)
    PC, EU
    Not elite, not the best. Just enjoying ESO.
    Not the worst either. "Casual" != "totally ignorant"
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