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Running 2 sets of Relequen?

If running 5 pieces Vicious Serpent and 5 pieces Quick Serpent nets you a reduced cost of stamina abilities by 16%,
does running 5 pieces Perfect Arms of Relequen and 5 pieces Arms of Relequen also stack the effects?

vMA Flawless/vHRC HM/vAA HM/vSO HM/vMoL HM/vHoF HM/vAS +2/vCR/vBRP/vSS
  • WuffyCerulei
    Afaik, the 2 sets don't stack.
    Touch my sorc, and I'll have an arrow for that knee of yours.

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  • Bowser
    World First DK Tank Execute on Rakkhat HM
    Play how you want - no meta allowed!
  • El_Borracho
    Egads someone runs that Celerity gear. Might be the first person in history to not decon it.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Lol, I wish double Olorime gave 500 weapon and spell damage.
  • ChunkyCat
    In other news, if you use troll king Head & Shoulders™, and you ALSO change your outfit to use troll king style weapons, you get double the Health regen.

    true story.
  • John_Falstaff
    @ChunkyCat , it's not the same case, and on a careful consideration, I wouldn't completely rule out such thing straight off the bat. Thing is, at least originally, the effects of perfect and non-perfect Relequen were considered to be different, it was apparent by an early (and hastily fixed) bug when effects from different players couldn't stack (e.g. they were unique rather than per-player), and only two - at most - persons in a group could benefit from the set: that being the case when one was wearing perfected and another non-perfected version. So at least internally, even with bug that prevented stacking from different sources, perfected version was stacking with non-perfected.

    I would think that it's also among the thing long fixed by now, but who knows.
  • Xvorg
    Lol, I wish double Olorime gave 500 weapon and spell damage.

    I wish a double black rose with 70% extra constitution recovery and 308 extra wpn and spell dmg
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