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So Close to Buying Sale Crowns but... (Perma-Load Screen?!)

Sooooo... I was mere minutes away from buying that 21000 Crown pack... Jumped on my main toon (a grand-master crafter I've had since launch) and popped out my visa.

Ready to make a purchase. I was salivating at the thought of those crowns.

But to my dismay, my main (and only my main, fyi) is stuck in a permanent load screen. I tried troubleshooting, restarted, deleting save data, changed ps4s, changed toons. Nothing... No solution.

Debit card slides back into wallet. Saved 80 bucks...

Weird how that works...

Fix this please, it's totally uncool dudes.
  • wormfudge
    And thanks in advance dudes. I have faith you'll make this right
  • Rittings
    wormfudge wrote: »
    And thanks in advance dudes. I have faith you'll make this right

    I've had faith for 3 years... my faith clearly has limitations - it's running dry.
  • ZOS_BillE

    Could you let us know which exact character is stuck on a loading screen?
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  • wormfudge
    @ZOS_BillE thanks for the reply.

    This actually fixes itself, eventually. But is reoccurring whenever I shrine to certain Summerset shrines ( particularly Lillandril). It seems to happen in Summerset more than any other time.

    My girlfriend also had the same issue earlier on an entirely different account and PS4, also in Summerset.

    Again, thanks for replying!
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