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ESO+ will not automatically renew

This is a very old issue that has annoyed me for years. Whenever my 30 days of ESO+ is up, instead of charging me and renewing the subscription it expires and I have to set it up again. I am using the same credit card every time so I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with it.

Here is a screenshot of my account page just before it runs out.

And here is just after it "expires".

The fact it says trial under account status confuses me. Could this be part of the problem ? I did purchase the base game on steam but got the dlc and expansion via the website. Subbing on steam costs nearly $10 more a month in my location so not gonna do that. I was also in the beta if that matters.

I have raised a few support tickets over the years to try and resolve this but the responses have been less than helpful. Power cycling my console will not help me here. The most recent ticket number is 181125-007032.

I am posting here in case some staff can help with this where support could not. By the time you read this I will likely have set up my "recurring" membership again but would really really like this to not happen again.

  • Taleof2Cities
    I’m sure you’re already aware of the hazards of using Steam, @Lelldorano ... as this is just another issue to add to the list.

    It is possible to send in a separate support ticket to unlink your Steam and ESO accounts. That will enable you to use the regular ESO launcher ... along with being able to transact normally through your ESO website account.

    But, if you’re unwilling to move on from Steam (and unwilling to manage your sub through Steam), I can understand why Support has been unable to help.
  • Lelldorano
    Thanks I will try that. I am not unwilling to move on from steam but certainly unwilling to pay over 50% more for membership.
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