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Addons won't load

Hey, I finally got my gf to the point where I can install eso on her new laptop to play for when she's not at the house, I downloaded and installed eso with no problems, yet today I installed minion to install some addons as the game (at least to me) is really f*cking unplayable without them. Minion installed just fine and I used thwe finder to install some of my favorite addons. When I launch the game however, the addons menu doesn't show anything, they are nowhere to be found.

I checked the folder location and they are not where they should be. They are on D:main game file instead of C:users blah blah addons.
I tried to copy them there but the laptop doesn't have enough diskspace it says. (I mean how large can those addons be? Certainly not over 45 gig.)

What can I do?

(ps. I installed eso on my external drive due to the fact my gf got bitched by the shop where she bought this laptop, it only has 1 128 gig ssd and I don't want to fill that up with eso as again, the laptop isn't mine.)

Thanks in advance
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