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Orc Architecture - Orc Longhouse request

As I was browsing the houses looking for one to buy for my orc, I realized that all orcish houses are stone ones. As far as I know - my mistake if that isn't the case - we do not have one single traditional wooden longhouse available. That saddens me greatly because it's an example of original architecture and a good concept art being turned into a striking and effective in-game result.

I mean, we already have the model in TESO


Look at it! So badass!


Dat half-moon shape!


Why are we missing on this glory?!


*(Skyrim pictures because I couldn't get proper unincumbered pictures in TESO but look at the POSSIBILITIES)
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  • keevil111
    Your excitement is unparalleled, now I want one!

    Gimmie! Gimmie!

    PS4 NA
  • Droku
    Yes please give us a true orcish sronghold for player housing!

    Malacath sei Zeuge unserer Taten
  • Ajaxandriel

    I love the atmosphere into the orcish longhouses
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  • kadochka
    Such possibilities!! My Orc would love this, she'd have it all to herself.. but RP, too!! Get a bunch of Orcs together if you wish!
    ghastley wrote: »
    +1 on this, and we also need a Bosmer home that's not a pod (or two or three), but a tree. Again, they exist in-game, but not as player homes.

    These are also the size we need, modest rather than palatial.

    SUCH an agree on this!!! My Bosmers want smaller, cozier homes, and so do I!!
    I wouldn't mind some more outdoors, too.. (Not 'blank slate' houses, but Staple houses with a little outdoors!)
    Edited by kadochka on December 11, 2018 3:21AM
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  • Treat
    Oh man, you are spot on with this! How cool!
    The Harbinger of Cheer!!!!!
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  • Vanthras79
    We need more diversity in housing options!
    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom :wink:
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  • TonyRockaroni
    I mean, really. Malabal Tor has so many possibilities in terms of housing due to the Bosmer and the Wood Orcs. Could have a large tree for a home, could have an Orc longhouse...but NOPE! Just two small houses, and neither of them are Bosmer or Orc in style.

    Oh, and there's also that plateau in Grahtwood with LITERALLY nothing on it. Could easily place a home there.
    Edited by TonyRockaroni on December 13, 2018 3:43AM
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