Funny moment in pvp

Yesterday we were overrun by other alliance and I needed to res in another keep so I decided to run to the middle of enemy players to off myself quickly. Out of crazy thought I switched to walk mode and walked straight to them to go away with style but nobody attacked me. Instead some joined me for a walk.

Nice reminder that gaming is supposed to be fun. Thanks guys for a good moment.
  • AllegraLionheart
    I had somebody do this to me, except they just sat down right in front of me and waited. I didn't know what to do, since I don't wanna kick somebody when they're down, so I just sat down next to her for like, 2 minutes.
    I whispered and asked if they wanted a death port, and they were like "Yeah, that's why I'm sitting. xD"

    So, I granted their wish, but tbh I felt bad hitting somebody sitting down. xD

    I love little moments of connection with opposing team, it's pretty funny.
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