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Stand Alone Lib

To all those that are having problems with the new stand alone Libs. I work around it by downloading ALL Libs ( using Minion ) so that I have them all. That way any new Addons that I install I already have the Lib for it.
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PVE & Solo only

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Forever Lost II - lvl 37 - Warden Redguard DC (oops)

As you can tell I love Sorcerers and High Elves

Proud user of the add-on NIRN AUCTION HOUSE

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  • Baertram
    Well, or you just check the addon description once and download the libaries you need afterwards.

    Oo you install the addon "Votan's Addon List" ( and see at a glance which libraries are missing for your addon by hovering over the red (i) icon at the right side of each addon, and just install them.
    This addon got the noce benefit that clicking and addon will autoamtically enabled depended libraries.
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