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broken superscript characters

Soul Shriven
Somebody needs to fix the text typing panel, superscript numbers are failing. I tried opening a ticket on this, but got the following response:

<game support>
The use of any script even for text use is not supported by ESO and we can not offer any help with any issues with it.
</game support>

Really? That seems pretty lame. So, using the text input feature to submit a support ticket is unsupported? Really?

¹ ² ³ becomes ▯ ² ³

So, C¹²H²²O¹¹ = sugar, while C▯²H²²O▯▯ is gibberish
(yes, I know chemical equations really use subscript)

If you are going to use BBcode, make sure you properly map (link) the characters to their graphical representations. I am guessing this is a very simple fix of linking your character mappings, not a structural error.

You all appear to be competent coders, but this simple error is visible at the GUI level and makes you all appear amateurish.

  • technically, i wasn't using script, i was using the text input panel.
  • check the other broken superscript characters, 1/4 3/4 N0*.
  • add the mappings for ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁰, so I can build more complex chemical equations, or mathematical formulas.
  • game support should send these back to engineering as open tickets.
  • I don't think game support understood the problem.

Since I am being harsh, it is OK to be harsh back. :)
  • Elsterchen
    [*] I don't think game support understood the problem.

    Least assured, not only the support didn't understand. :D
  • GandalfOfMiddleEarth
    Soul Shriven
  • Elsterchen
    Hmm, well... ok... uhmm... for the covenant!... Honestly, I am missing proper words to express my thoughts, but at least now its clear what you talk about. Thank you for clearification.
  • GandalfOfMiddleEarth
    Soul Shriven
    Lol, Elsterchen

    Thanks for coming back. I was an IT architect at a very large, multi-national engineering firm for decades. They/We would never let us get away with something so childish.

    I still hold these folks are competent coders.

    BTW, I am guessing they are using AWS/Akamai. We had problems with Akamai, it could use some work. Connection mapping optimization is exceptionally difficult to manage. But, that is another thread.
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