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Dungeon Finder Broken

Soul Shriven
Nothing new to see here, just an entry to show ZOS it is serious. We were a full group, all ready, and did not find anything (Random Normal). I will get the tickets for the feathers from the next event, I won't take part in this one.
  • lueckgenb16_ESO
    Everyone I talked to said: It will not work. They are ignoring this problem for years especially on EU Server. And tadaaaa... its just as disappointing as everyone thought it would be... even with 4 people: "queueing" forever and nothing happens.

    What a surpise that many people want to do dungoens today... but hey: atleast the shop is full and working!!! Business saved.

    Sorry ZOS but don't try to fix the groupfinder (you didnt do that for years) just reimburse the community. Thats the least thing you can do...
  • vovus69
    dungeon finder never worked properly since the inception of it. So, relax, have fun in other areas. zos just don't give a ***.
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  • DrOuttaSight
    How do they expect customers to complete the event when the Random Dungeons finder on the European Server (PC) has a queue of over 2+ hours?????
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  • LokiAndBlack
    Avee3 wrote: »
    Nothing new to see here, just an entry to show ZOS it is serious. We were a full group, all ready, and did not find anything (Random Normal). I will get the tickets for the feathers from the next event, I won't take part in this one.

    You can get tickets for feather simple running any dungeon (not random). Just teleport with your group to dungeon and run it through. You'll get 3 tickets. the only problem is damn box that is connected to random normal and the queue is broken casue servers are overloaded :( btw now it works :(
  • Shadi_Trixter
    Soul Shriven
    Seems to be broken. Even a full group queueing can't get in.
  • arika257
    this was broken as *** last year. why hasn't zos fixed it? D;
  • ToeJamJuice
    Soul Shriven
    Same issue here. We tried to que as a pre-made group of 4, then a group of 3, then 2... and lastly we tried to all solo que. Same results for all; Asks if we are ready, hit yes (F), says it is forming, then claims someone declined the invite and puts us back in que.
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  • idk
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_BillE

    Group finder is not totally broken. The forums make this clear. 10 minutes in queue with the queue popping, forming group then put back in queue.

    After 10 minutes it just stopped trying.

    Once again this has been going on for over a year with many threads created on the subject and no response from anyone from Zos on the issue..

    The thread below is just one of many that clearly spelled out what is happening as a warning yet to no avail. So the issues we are facing today in this event is not a Zos mistake, but a willingness to ignore the issues plaguing this game.
  • doc_ketamine
    Still broken. RIP event!
  • joekneegee2003ub17_ESO
    Been queuing for about three hours, solo and group and haven't been able to get a single dungeon. I am so aggravated and disappointed.
  • Xeroxed
    Just adding to the chorus - 2 year old bug with Dungeon Finder completely fracking up event for the asocial. I'm only fortunate I got enough during Clockwork for two feathers but yanno, I wanted some of the lewts for this one without having to zone spam for randoms. RIP.
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  • Edwin
    We couldn't even queue in a full 4 man, kept saying that someone denied. We ended up just teleporting in to a dungeon, if you do it that way you at least get your 3 daily tickets from the final boss.
  • Manawara
    Soul Shriven
    Tbh, im giving a f to this event tickets and that event mount.
    I just got hyped to this event when I saw that house reward. So, with no event boxes, the event is a lie.
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  • Threemoons
    What everyone else is saying. NA PC dungeon finder totally borked so no boxes for us..
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